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Dog Training: The No Pull Dog Harness!

As a child, I walked a big dog through a corn field. All went well until he started to pull like crazy. I fell on the ground trying to hold on to this massive, massive guy, while sledding through the field – ouch!!!! I wish this dog has had a no pull dog harness on. The accident could have been prevented. If you are tired of chocking your canine with regular leather collars, hit the pet supply and get a training harness designed to stop leash pulling! In this review I’m talking about a good quality, but very cheap product you can even buy online – the „Easy Walk“. But is it really the best….?


It doesn’t matter if you own a big or a small dog: They can all pull like crazy, making your daily dog walks a living and walking nightmare! Wouldn’t it be great to just enjoy the sun, nature and his company? But no, everytime another dog comes his way, he’d start to pull. With a training harness, you can be sure to go at your pace, to fully relax and have fun! I mean, for some people a big boy pulling on a leash is handable. But imagine already having some shoulder or arm problems. Every walk can turn into a dangerous situation for your health. Unfortunatly, many people do not know that there are easy and gentle ways to help stopping your canine from pullin. They resort to steel prong collars – how cruel! I think this is reason enough to look into the Easy Walker to find out if it really is a good product worth purchasing. Let’s start with the review!

no pull harness by premier

How it works

The easy walk no pull dog harness is meant to be an alternative to regular leather, or even choke collars. It’s threads run around the dogs chest area and part of his legs to make gentle corrections possible. Even a small tug on the leash makes your pet stop, turn around an look at you. This is made possible by a pretty intelligent design: The harness tightens across the front legs so your buddy can’t use his body weight to counterpull. Pretty simple but effective to stop choking, gagging, coughing. It is no fun to see your pet in pain…

Build Quality

The materials used play an important rule in the overall build quality. Premier is using soft, yet strong nylon to make sure, the product withstands daily use. Still, some people have reported, that this product tends to tear apart after a while of heavy use. What can we make out of this? Product quality should always be seen in relations to price and usage. If you are buying a very inexpensive product, it isn’t so problematic to replace if after a while. Moreover, daily use of a product can wear it out quickly. This is just how things are. I would suggest to try the harness yourself, because it works fantastic. Read the reviews and then decide. Fortunatly, Premier is very customer friendly and is offering to replace faulty items for shipping and handling. This also applies to thoroughly chewed harnesses. This is great :)

A problem some people encounter...

Ease of use

The harness is relatively easy to put on if you have read the manual. It’s obviously not as easy as a regular collar, but with a regular collar, you aren’t getting the benefits of this harness! It is a very good idea to measure the size of your dog before ordering though, because the „easy walk“ comes in several sized to fit your dog. Here are the sizes:

Petite12-16 inches
Petite / Small14-18 inches
Small15-20 inches
Small / Medium19-25 inches
Medium20-28 inches
Medium / Large25-35 inches
Large26-36 inches
X-tra LArge34-46 inches

Measure around your pets ribcage, starting directly under his front legs
The good thing is, that you can adjust the harness to your dogs individual size, by tightening the straps. The quick snap buckle on the belly strap makes it easy to get your dog in and out of the harness. Enjoy!


There are good and rather problematic alternatives on the market. I have already talked about steel prong collars and described them as cruel. I stand by that, especially because a no-pulling harness makes such a product un-necessary. You can try a soft padded collar first, but they only prevent heavy choking and are a little easier on your dogs throat. The puppia mesh harness is a good basic item, but does not stop pulling and works more in the lines of a soft padded collar.

The biggest competitor to the easy walk must be the Sporn Nylon Mesh Anti Pull Harness. It works in similiar ways as the easywalk, but offers additional padded areas and solves a weakness of the Premier product. Chafing can occur if you do not buy padded harnesses or are not willing to mod the unpadded items to make them more comfortable.


The idea of the easy walk no pull harness is great and save you a lot of nerves. It’s a good product to help training your dog. It’s also very inexpensive and therefore a risk free buy. You simply need a way to control your (aggressive and strong) dog. Still, there are a few things i did not like. The build quality could be improved, even though the company offers a generous return policy. Also, i wish the Easy Walk would offer padded areas to avoid chafing. This is especially important if you like to run with your dog.

Purchase the Easywalk here @ amazon (i simply trust this vendor!)

or get more info about the main competitor SPORN (the one with the padded harness)

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