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Can i flush cat litter down the toilet?

Cat litter disposal is not a task enjoyed by many. It does not surprise me: Cat feces and urin stinks! But even if you have found a way to control odor, you still have to scoop out the litter, put it in plastic bags and take it out with the trash. The invention of flushable cat litter seems to help solving the problem at hand. But which type of cat littler is suitable to flush down your toilet? And: Is this a good method of cat waste disposal ?

The catbox or litter box is also known as „sandbox“. Why? Because traditionally, sand was used as a litter tray filler. Flushing tons of sand down the toilet is obviously not a good idea. Your pipes will clog, leaving you with a high bill to pay. Not worth the risk!

But what if you are using store bought cat litter?

It really depends on the type. They all have in common, that they are designed to absorb smells and fluids but they achieve this in different ways. Filler is not Filler. They are all granular but differ in their material makeup. One of the most common type is clumping cat litter. Most often made of calcium betonite or betonite clay, these types of litter tend to clump together so you can scoop out the waste more easily and dispose of it. Unfortunatly, clay based litters will also stay clumped in your pipes, clogging them. So is it plumber safe to flush clumping litter down the loo?


…even though, you would not have to flush the content of the entire catbox. Large balls of feces wil make your toilet overflow and you can blame it on your partner only so often.

A big trend in recent years has been the use of biodegradable cat litter. Made from old newspaper, sawdust, pinewood pellets, these types of catbox filler degrade after a while, are not carcinogenic and are suitable for asthmatic cats (and humans!) because they’re dust reduced. But can you dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet? It depends. Bigger woodpellets for instance, can be problemati, especially if your pipes are very narrow and you’re already having with clogged drainpipes. Other materials might be ok if they do not clump. But there is some degree of risk involved. Crystal litter on the other hand may be fine in very small amounts. Cat feces and urine does not „stick“ to it, so you do not have the problem of having it clump together once you have flushed it down. Still, you would not want to empty trays over trays in your toilet.

In the last few years, the industry has developed a new type of flushable cat litter for you to buy. One product you can order is the Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter.

It IS a clumping litter but designed to break apart once it gets saturated with water. Customers at amazon are very satisfied with this product and i can understand why: It is very convinient! One question remains: should you purchase flushable cat litter? In my opinion: NO. Why? Because quite a few cats carry the parasite Toxoplasma gondii which is very dangerous for marine life. Especially Seaotters seem to be affected. So yes, cat waste disposal can contribute to the death of sea otters! I do not want to have that on my conscience.

Is cat litter flushable? Yes, some products are!
Should I dispose of cat feces this way? Not if you want seaotters to live!

Are you still looking for a safe, hygienic and quick way to deal with cat urine and feces? Then i recommend you to take a look at one of my latest reviews. The litter robot is a great, automatic solution to handle your cats waste materials. It is ingenious, see for yourself :)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back soon !

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2 Responses to " Can i flush cat litter down the toilet? "

  1. Cherokee says:

    Thanks, I should have checked something like this before attempting to flush my cat’s litter down the toilet.
    The toilet got really backed up and flooded the bathroom, it was SO nasty! Ewh. It just wouldn’t fix itself, so I finally got sick of it (many hours later) and put my hand in there! It was SO clumped, no wonder it wouldn’t flush! But I fixed it manually. Never again. I think I may need to go to the hospital, though.
    My cat has sharp claws and I always have litter cuts on my hands from his rough play. And silly me, I didn’t cover my hand with anything! All the feces and urine that probably got in those cuts, well, I at least know I need a shot. ^o^

    • petsgolucky says:

      Hi Cherokee,
      That sure sounds like a total nightmare! Glad you could solve your problem in the end..sometimes you just have to do what’s necessary ;) Still, keeping toxoplasmosis in mind would be a good idea. If you are not pregnant, or have a weak immune system, you do not have to worry much. Most people get only flu like symptomms or no symptoms at all.

      Wishing you and your cat all the best, and thanks for your valuable comment :)

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